Make your job fit your needs – not the other way round

Put yourself in the driving seat

Gaining more clarity through coaching

I coach professionals, executives and solopreneurs in challenging professional situations. The ones that get under your skin. The ones that make you stop and think. The ones you are keen to get a handle on. That you believe you “can’t change”. But which are often precisely the ones that provide an opportunity for change. In our coaching sessions, we develop the next steps that feel clear and coherent for you.

Be bold

Because the water doesn’t get warmer when you jump later and because there’s no time like the present to get started.

Be right

Because the job should feel like the shoes you like to put on in the morning – a comfortable fit with room for growth and your strengths and needs.

Be abroad

Because as an expat you want to navigate well through the challenges that come from entering a new and not yet familiar working culture.

Empathetic, analytical, good

Together you think less alone

During the many years I worked as a communications expert and press spokeswoman, I lived what is generally called a “career”. It was rewarding, exciting, and demanding. Overwhelming on some days, so that the career lived me rather than me living it. This experience flows into my work with clients when I support them in discovering and achieving their professional goals.
“Courage comes along the way.”

Benedict Wells

You’ll never walk alone

Coaching for expats

If you are an international manager working abroad, you want to “perform” well. But every single day there are additional challenges to master in a new (working) culture. In my English-language coaching, I support you in your strategic positioning and am your sparring partner so that you can live and work effectively, successfully and happily “away from home”.

Recent blog articles

Good stories were my first (professional) love. Here I regularly write about topics that my clients bring to the coaching sessions or that I know (too well) from my own experience.

Strengthening resilience

Strengthening resilience

Navigating well through crises and high stress: wonderful! But why does resilience, which is so hyped today, not only have good facets but also difficult ones?

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Work with me

Are you looking for a good coach or a skilled sparring partner? Then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to arrange a non-binding online appointment where we can get to know one another.

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