I help you to tackle your professional challenges and goals. So that you create the career that suits you and your life.
About me

Business Coach
Anne Uhlemann

“Work hard and always give your best!“
With this belief system, I have often been the dream of my superiors for twenty years. After studying in Germany and Australia, I worked as a PR expert and spokeswoman in a strategic consultancy for communications, and later managed teams at Bayer and Axel Springer in Germany and France. When people asked me at a party, what I do for a living, I usually answered quite proudly.
I was good. But I was also my job.

The turning point came—which I can see and understand today in retrospect—with the birth of my first child. The fact that I was now a mother was supposed to impact my work as little as possible, and I didn’t change the demands I made on myself. Couldn’t get everything done during the day? Then I would sit at my laptop in the evenings or even during the night.

I became more and more exhausted and longed for more autonomy. The desire to work more on myself as a leader and the topics I was passionate about grew. Fulfilling “only” the needs of others became less and less bearable. And at some point, the realisation could no longer be suppressed:

“Priorities and values in life change. That’s okay.”

I envied doctors, teachers, trainers, and all those people whose work had a direct impact on others. That was something my texts didn’t do, no matter how well written they were. And I wanted more autonomy for myself, a more self-determined life, more flexibility, and financial success.
“Coaching: Take on responsibility. Have space for myself. Save time.”
Today I have found my profession in coaching. I love working together with clients to develop solution approaches and strategies that result in more clarity and energy. And the fact that coaching can achieve this is something I have experienced first-hand through those coaches who have helped me on my own path. In difficult phases of my life, they gave me a space where I could reflect on my role as a manager, to develop myself, to radically take on responsibility and then turn decisions into actions.

Why should I work with you, Anne?


Always give your best

Didn’t I describe this above as a belief system? Yes, I did. But it’s also part of my aspiration to be a good coach. Because, working with my clients, I want to achieve the best for them.



As a manager. As an employee in a corporate and agency environment. As an expat. As a mother who also likes to work. As a coach and coachee.



When I was seven years old, I obtained my own card for the local public library. I was blissfully happy. I rarely get enough of books, of people and their stories. And I am interested in finding out about your goals, and about what a good life means for you.

Space for reflexion

Professional and personal development need “space”. On the hand, you need time to reflect on the demands of your profession, and your own capabilities, needs, desires and goals. On the other hand, you need a protected space to work on these topics. Coaching provides you with both.


Courage to leave your comfort zone

“You’ll end up working at the university, because you don’t have to confidence to work anywhere else.” I was told that by two friends in my early 20s. Was it true? No. Professionally, I often did the very thing I had respect for or was afraid of. That takes courage and sometimes hurts. But it’s ALWAYS worth it.

Take shortcuts and save (life) time

Are you about to take the next step in your career? Change jobs? Become visible? Having a number of options is both a blessing and a curse, because when we decide to make changes in our life, we tend to give twice as much weight to the potential losses than to the expected gains. Coaching helps you to go ahead instead of turning career decisions over and over in your mind unproductively.


Integral Approach

I completed a holistic training course at the Coaching Center Berlin to become an Integral Business Coach. The school is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC) and the National German Coaching Association (DBVC).

My coaching services

How will we work together?

First meeting

(30 minutes, virtual)



Analysis & Goal

(1 session)


(5 to 9 sessions à 90 minutes in Berlin or virtual)


My coaching offers are tailormade. The length of the process and the number of sessions depend on the goal defined by you, on when you want to achieve it, and on how intensely you want to be accompanied in that journey. Typically, the coaching includes 6 to 10 sessions over a period of 3 to 9 months. You decide on how frequently the sessions are to take place.

What else is important to me?

When I’m not spending time with my family, I love becoming immersed in newspapers and books (my best find this year is Daniela Dröscher’s Lies About My Mother). I like to switch off by listening to podcasts and going for walks in and around Potsdam.

And, as I firmly believe that the best way to get to know someone is through their favorite series, then I think it’s only fair to reveal mine: The Good Wife, The Good Fight and Borgen! And this year, I have decided to be more “analog” in the way I maintain and enjoy my friendships. Which is why you might bump into me on a train sometime—anywhere from Hamburg to Lake Constance.

Work with me

Are you looking for a good coach or a skilled sparring partner? Then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to arrange a non-binding online appointment where we can get to know one another.

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